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About Us

South West Tax was initially established by Sue Palmer-Greenwood, with a client base in Tavistock and East Cornwall, but relocated here to our Plymouth office in 2003. The practice has grown somewhat since then, and with well over thirty years previous experience in Devon & Cornwall, Sue now has a great team that she is very proud of.







We have extensive expertise and will almost certainly have seen any situation before. We aren’t a big firm where you never see the same person twice. Work we undertake isn’t passed through several clerks and trainees in the process of it’s completion. All our staff are well qualified, very experienced and make up a very efficient, happy and like-minded team and we pride ourselves in maintaining our knowledge and keeping absolutely up to date with any changes that may affect our clients, so we can confidently guide and protect their businesses.

Accountants love to advertise the fact that they are different from their competitors but let’s face it, the professional services provided by any good firm must meet the same exacting standards In that respect, we are no different, and we, like most of our competitors provide an accurate, confidential, knowledgeable service, with which our clients and associates are very satisfied. We can be knowledgeable ‘stuffed suits’ when the occasion demands, but equally, we can don our hard hats, wellies or our lifejackets to get the job done in whichever environment we are needed.

Here at South West Tax, we like to think that our clients are happier because of the individual way we look after them. Most, I hope, would consider us as friends as well as just their Accountant and many have been with us for many, many years and enjoy the great association they have with us. Almost all our work has come from referrals, sometimes through several family generations and we care about our clients, which is why we serve them so well.

Why Work with Us

  • We love the fact that our clients feel able to send us a text or an e-mail late in the evening because they need a quick answer
  • We love that they welcome us into their home or workplace after hours, or even on weekends
  • We love that they don’t ever hesitate to approach us because the cost would be prohibitive
  • We are enormously proud of who we are and what we do